Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Data Records Corp has Listened to The Clients

Data Records Corp has taken in a lot of suggestions on our site and how to make it work better.

Data Records Corp marketing list to buy

Announcement:  DRC is changing payment providers to offer a more seamless way to purchase credits.  It will be finished by Monday of next week.  

DRC has been on a slow growth since it's inception.  We could have been like any other sales data company and pushed for maximum clients on our platform.  We didn't do that.  We grew it slow so the technical glitches would be at a minimum so the platform would stay up.  

Announcement:  DRC is now updating monthly by appending new phone number adds and deletes to clean up our databases even more.

DRC is helping our customers to reach more prospects with this new addition of updating.  No other sales data company does this with such cost effective pricing.  

Data Records Corp prospecting lead lists for your business


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

New LINKEDIN Business Database


Data Records Corp has added a new database!

Take a look at our new LINKEDIN Business Database.  Search it today!  Header is below!  Try out 500 today!  Make a profile ASAP!  

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