Monday, November 23, 2020

Body Language, Five Key Ingredients

 When making your living in the sales industry, and working with people, it is important to not only get your point across verbally, but you want to allow for your body language to send a clear message as well.

Your body language consists of many key ingredients, but here are the five that are considered to be the most important, along with a description and a few tips to improve your skills.

1. Eye Contact

When you are speaking with a customer, or potential customer, look them in the eye, it will show that you are a confident person, and that you are confident in the product you are selling.

2. Hand Shake

When you shake someone’s hand, grasp it firmly, and give no less than three good pumps. This will once again give your customer the indication that you are a confident person, and that you are genuinely glad to meet them, or see them.

A limp hand shake, better known as the “dead fish” is a way of telling your customer that you are not interested, it is a major turn off!

3. Appearance

Appearance is key, and many studies have confirmed this. People  prefer to deal with sales people who present themselves well in appearance. The mind set of the customer is, if this person doesn’t take care of himself, how can I expect them to take care of me?

Would you buy a food product, or utensil off of a person with grimy fingernails? It sounds kind of harsh, but it is the truth.

4. Smiling

Smiling, the easiest thing to do in the world! Smiling is contagious, and it puts your customer at ease, and puts a nice upbeat inflection in your voice.

5. Good Posture

Good posture also shows the customer that you have confidence in yourself and the products that you sell.  It also speaks volumes about your personality. Anything less, such as slouching, makes you look like a slacker, and will give your customer the indication that you don’t believe in your product, and that you would prefer to be somewhere else, and doing something else.

These are the five main ingredients to having good body language, and it isn’t very hard to master these skills. In fact you can practice on your friends and family without them even knowing it.

Once you master these skills, they will begin to come effortlessly, and before you know it, they will be second nature to you, and your sales will ultimately increase. Good Luck!

4 Reasons Why You Need Testimonials to Sell More

 The other day I was writing a sales brochure for a West Coast manufacturer. As I got to what I’ll call the “proof” section of the brochure, I was rummaging around for testimonials.

The company already had a full-blown Web site and a solid PowerPoint presentation. So I was hopeful that I’d find some ready made testimonials or at least some material I could use to create some.

As it turned out, they
had one case study with a couple of customer quotes. I pieced the material together to create one measly testimonial. It was less than adequate.

Well, maybe it’s no big deal. After all, I wrote strong copy. Why even bother with testimonials? I’ll give you four good reasons.

1. Credibility

Testimonials give your company, product, or service credibility. Everyone is bombarded with advertising messages every day. It’s a brutal marketplace. If you want to sell something to somebody, you stand a much better chance if you can convince them that you’re credible. Testimonials are like references on a resume. They’re the people who vouch for you.

2. Identification

Your prospects identify with your customers who are providing the testimonials. They have similar concerns, problems, hopes and desires. They commiserate. This is good. You want this in your marketing. (Sorry, but your prospects don’t identify with you. Not really. You’re trying to sell them something!) 

3. Proof

Proof, alone, is reason enough to gather and use testimonials. This is where your customers say, in effect, “They’re right, Mr. or Ms. Prospect. They can save you 50% ... or  make you feel 18 again ... or make you enough money to retire at 50. They did it for me and I’m thrilled!” Testimonials notarize your marketing speak. 

4. Closure

Testimonials help close the sale. Sure, they can be used throughout a marketing piece. But they definitely come in handy toward the end. You’ve introduced the problem or need, your product or service, the features and benefits, and more. Then you line up your testimonials, all the customers whose heads are nodding and saying, “Yep, it worked for me.” Soon after, you ask for the order.

For many reasons, testimonials give your prospects the confidence they need to buy from you for the first time. And once your prospects turn into new customers, the door to repeat sales swings wide open.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

7 Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales Overnight

 Today we’re going to cover 7 ways you can do to maximize various aspects of your sales process, it’ll need just 15 minutes to do, but the results will pay off many times over on ongoing basis.

1. Promote Other People’s Product 

After your customer buy your product, you can put that customer on different lists and follow up them with auto responder. You could follow up right away with thank you message for purchasing your product and put recommended note promoting affiliate program you would like to in the end of your message. Since they’re still in buying mood, there’ll be a good chance to at least check out your recommendation.

2. Upsell Your First-Time Customer

When they’re at your order page you could offer another extra product for a few extra bucks with their original order. Stated that it’s cheaper rather than if they buy one by one.

3. Invite Them to Join Your Affiliate Program

In follow up message after they buy your product you can state your affiliate program. Tell them the opportunity to make extra income joining your affiliate program. Using this technique you can gather your sales army without spending one cent on advertising.

4.Sell Reprint Rights of Your Product

You can add more money with selling reprint rights to your product. Reprint rights is the rights to sell your product and keep 100% of the profits. Now while it could frightening you at first but the truly it has potential to bring you money more than if you sell the actual product. Let’s take a look at this scenario…

Your customer bought the product and selling it to another people. They keep 100% of the profits. But…

5. Make 3 Sales From 1 People

Tell your customer that they will receive the product for free if they refer 3 customers to you, in case if the 3 customers all buy your product.

6. Give Discount For Your Special Event

Let say you’re an expert on hypnotist, you can give special discount to your previous customers to attend your $997 seminar. Do this technique work? You’ll be surprised to know how people will hand you $997 for something they have interest for.

7. Create Huge Package and Charge More

You can buy reprint rights of other people’s product and put that with your original product. For instance, you could sell your ebook along with 2 or 3 reports in one deal. The results people will see more value from your product, thus, you can charge more.

8. Conclusion

Remember to apply one by one of this techniques and test the result. Don’t assume, test it. You’ll never know until you try. 

Find your winning formula, and use it many times over on your another project.

5 Tips On Making Your Business Card A Powerful Marketing Tool

 When used effectively business cards can be a great marketing tool. In this article we will discuss 5 of the most effective ways that you can use your business cards everyday.

1. Be Creative.

Be creative in the design of your business cards. Business cards do not just need to be bits of paper with your contact details on them. Be creative and give your business cards a use and purpose. Make them a powerful marketing tool in the promotion of your business.

Your aim is to make your busines
s card something that the receiver will want to keep and make use of. This is the difference between a well thought out and designed business card and a piece of paper with your contact details on it that will probably be thrown into the trash.

Give the recipient of your business cards a special offer. For example if you are a school/training center you may offer 'first lesson for free with this card' or if you run a shop maybe you will offer '10% of any purchase over $50'.

Whatever your business, there is a creative way to give your business card real value to the receiver. If you can think and implement these new creative ways before your business does, you will have an instant advantage in that area of business, and should definitely see a rise in business if you have promoted you cards correctly.

2. The 1 minute rule

The 1 minute rule basically says, if you talk to a person for longer than 1 minute they should already have one of your business cards in their hand.

This means in conversations you need to find a way to talk about what you do, and be in the position to be able to offer one of your business cards to the person you are talking to in the first minute of conversation. This can be likened to a conversation you may have with someone at the bus stop or on the elevator. The conversation will end in a very short time and you only have a very short time to get your message across, or in this case get your business card to the recipient.

The 1 minute rule is basically just practice to get your business card out there as much as you can. Many people go through all the trouble of ordering business cards just to let them sit in a corner of their office. To use business cards effectively you must be giving them out at every opportunity that you have.

3. Make them keepers

Once you have given your business card to someone what is going to keep it from being thrown in the trash or forgotten about. Unless you are selling necessities it is probably fair to say that most likely they do not need the product/services you are offering at the present moment. Hopefully though in the future will come a time when they are looking for that product/service and that is when your business card still needs to be in the hands of the person.

Why does someone want your business card? If you cannot answer that easily, maybe it is time to think about a new business card design.

Does your business card have valuable information on it? By valuable I mean a map, discount, calendar, measurements, charts or anything relevant to your industry? If it doesn't, you may want to think about adding a value feature to your business card.

4. Leave them everywhere you go

During a number of trips around a number of businesses in my local area I have noticed piles of business cards on the counters of various businesses. For example a recent trip to my accountant I noticed they had a few piles of business cards on the counter for mortgage lenders, home loans, etc.

This can be likened very much to link swapping that goes on with webmasters looking for business referrals from similar businesses.

Every place that you frequent, you should ask if they mind you leaving a stack of you business card there for their customers. You could try this at your doctors office, your dentist, accountant, lawyer, beauty saloon or hairdresser.

For similar businesses (e.g. accountant > lawyer or money lender) maybe you can arrange to have a stack of their business cards displayed at your business when they offer your business cards at theirs. This can be a very effective way to use you business cards and can have great returns.

5. Ask for an opinion

'Do you mind if I ask you a quick question? I'm looking for opinions on my new business card'. After asking the question and bringing the topic up hand them a business card. Make sure that they keep it, even if they try to hand it back to you tell them that you have thousands printed already.

Thank the person for their time, and if they ever need the product or service that you are offer that your contact information is on the business card. Even if that person may not directly contact your business, there is always a chance that they may pass your card or business name onto another party.

Even in the worse case they may go home and tell their friend how a nut just came and talked at the bus stop and handed them a business card for his lawn mowing service. That friend may say, 'I've been looking for a good lawn mower'. 'Here's the business card I got'. And there is a situation where you may still even get business out of handing your business card to a stranger and even a disinterested stranger.

By following just one of the above five ideas each day, you can turn your business card into a great marketing tool, and see an almost instant increases in business.

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